Kallady Bridge

once the longest and now the second longest bridge in Sri lanka – Kalladi Bridge is situated in Batticaloa district of eastern province of the country.It was built in 1924 and also known as ” Lady Manning bridge “.This is a famous landmark in Batticaloa.Usually lifetime of the bridges are around 50 years.But this bridge survives way longer than that and recognized by most people for the engineering invloved in building this up decades back when modern technology was not there.

Now a new Kalladi Bridge is being built up near to this old one and it will be opened to the public during early 2013.

kalladi Bridge of Batticaloa

Kalladi bridge in Batticaloa taken from Batticaloa lagoon during a twilight.

Kalladi Bridge iin Batticaloa

Kalladi Bridge in Batticaloa – Sri Lanka .One of the tourist attractions in Batticaloa


Heavenly Kitulgala – Sri Lanka

Kitulgala in Sri Lanka , only one word comes to my mind whenever i visit this place, that is ” Heavenly “.
This is a place where you will almost anything that the mother nature can provide – waterfalls, caves, dense forest, rivers and streams, fauna and flora and few villages inside the forest…you name it..

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A boatman riding a small oruwa / boat in the kelani river in kitulgala - sri lanka

Boats connect the two ends of the kelani river in Kitulgala.The water here is famous for white water rafting.

sunlit leaves inside kitulgala rainforest in sri lanka

Sunlit leaves inside the forests of Kitulgala ,home to many birds and flora.