Ambalangoda Mask Making

Ambalangoda is a small town in Southern part of Sri Lanka which is famous for hand made Masks.Mask making is a tradition in Sri Lanka  and the finished masks are used in festivals, to decorate the houses and for dance performances.Ariyapala & Sons is a company which is the main mask makers in the area which runs a large show room,workshop and a mask museum which are favorites to the tourists traveling Sri Lanka.Ambalangoda mask making is one of the tourist attraction in Sri Lanka which you should not miss.

group of finished masks in mask shop in ambalangoda

Masks displayed in Ariyapala & sons Mask museum in Ambalangoda Sri Lanka.The famous shop for mask making in Sri Lanka

mr wimalasiri a mask maker and a craftsman in ambalangoda

Mr.Wimalasiri is an experienced craftsman of Ambalangoda mask making industry.This is the Ariyapala & Sons workshop where they make masks.

a small mask in ambalangoda ariyapala sons mask museum

A mask inside the Ariyapala and Sons mask museum.This is situated in Ambalangoda, a place which is a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka.