Kallady Bridge

once the longest and now the second longest bridge in Sri lanka – Kalladi Bridge is situated in Batticaloa district of eastern province of the country.It was built in 1924 and also known as ” Lady Manning bridge “.This is a famous landmark in Batticaloa.Usually lifetime of the bridges are around 50 years.But this bridge survives way longer than that and recognized by most people for the engineering invloved in building this up decades back when modern technology was not there.

Now a new Kalladi Bridge is being built up near to this old one and it will be opened to the public during early 2013.

kalladi Bridge of Batticaloa

Kalladi bridge in Batticaloa taken from Batticaloa lagoon during a twilight.

Kalladi Bridge iin Batticaloa

Kalladi Bridge in Batticaloa – Sri Lanka .One of the tourist attractions in Batticaloa


Ambalangoda Mask Making

Ambalangoda is a small town in Southern part of Sri Lanka which is famous for hand made Masks.Mask making is a tradition in Sri Lanka  and the finished masks are used in festivals, to decorate the houses and for dance performances.Ariyapala & Sons is a company which is the main mask makers in the area which runs a large show room,workshop and a mask museum which are favorites to the tourists traveling Sri Lanka.Ambalangoda mask making is one of the tourist attraction in Sri Lanka which you should not miss.

group of finished masks in mask shop in ambalangoda

Masks displayed in Ariyapala & sons Mask museum in Ambalangoda Sri Lanka.The famous shop for mask making in Sri Lanka

mr wimalasiri a mask maker and a craftsman in ambalangoda

Mr.Wimalasiri is an experienced craftsman of Ambalangoda mask making industry.This is the Ariyapala & Sons workshop where they make masks.

a small mask in ambalangoda ariyapala sons mask museum

A mask inside the Ariyapala and Sons mask museum.This is situated in Ambalangoda, a place which is a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

Aluthgama Kande Viharaya – Sri Lanka

Kande Viharaya in Aluthgama is one the Famous Holy Buddhist Temple in Sri Lanka.It hosts the tallest sitting Buddha statue in Sri Lanka, which is around 160 feet.Visited by many Buddhists in the country it is also a famous tourist attraction in the southern part of Sri lanka.

Tallest sitting buddha statue in sri lanka

This is the Tallest Sitting Buddha Statue in Sri Lanka.Situated inside the  Kande Vihara ‘ in Aluthgama – Sri Lanka.

Group of worshipers in kande vihara - a buddhist temple in sri lanka

Many Sinhala, Buddhist visit Kande vihara – Aluthgama everyday from all parts of Sri Lanka.The place is so famous that there is always a steep rise in the numbers foreign travelers to this temple.The visitors make offerings like fruit baskets and flowers to the God.The place is also famous for the drawings and statues depicting the stories related to Buddhism.

inside view of kande viharaya - Sri Lanka

Considered as one of the famous Buddhist Temples in Sri Lanka ,The Kande Viaharaya shows spiritual vibrancy.Many people visit this Holy Buddhist Temple to worship the Lord Buddha and receive the inner satisfaction and peace in return.It is also, now one of the famous tourist attractions in Sri Lanka.