Polonnaruwa World Heritage Site – Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa is the second most ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka and now a world heritage site.It has numerous ruins of the ancient city still preserved which shows the ability and knowledge of the architects who lived in this lands 1000 years before.Polonnaruwa kingdom had the influence of both Sinhala and Tamil cultures which is proved by the ruins of buildings belong to both cultures.The place is now a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

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Polonnaruwa kiri viharaya

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Samadhi Buddha / seated buddha statue gal vihara

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Moonstone carvings in vatadage – polonnaruwa

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Medical trough in ancient hospital of polonnaruwa

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Gal Vihara reclining buddha statue

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Guard stones infront of pabalu vehera

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Entrance of Lankathilaka vihara


Hindu Festivals in Jaffna , Sri Lanka

Jaffna , where the Tamils inhabit the most in Sri Lanka, has many famous Hindu symbols in the forms of historical buildings,temples,Traditional Cultures.With the abundant number of Hindu Temples, one can witness Hindu festivals all around the year mainly the mid part.The style of presentation of this festivals are different region to region and according to the tradition being followed by the respective worshiping places.

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pungudutivu during the Festival season usually has harsh sunlight and temperature.These devotees enduring so much of pain and exhaustion by rolling on the ground behind the temple cart ,with only purpose of pleasing and showing their love on the Goddess Amman in spiritual ways, need to be kept cool by pouring water on them.

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During the Kannakai Amman Temple Cart festival , worshipers pulling the temple cart around the temple.

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A priest sitting inside the moving temple cart.He will receive the offerings made by the people below and worship the goddess using it for the well being of the people offered it.

Landmarks of Batticaloa Town

Batticaloa is a district in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka.As any other parts of the country this land also poses various cultures,people and unique attractions.You might need to go deep into the district to find some beautiful places,however there are few tourist attractions which are  in or nearby the main Batticaloa town.

Old Dutch Fort in Batticaloa

Old Dutch Fort in Batticaloa

A canon inside dutch fort in Batticaloa

A canon inside dutch fort in Batticaloa

Batticaloa Gate

Batticaloa Gate , a landmark where the old Batticaloa port was situated in

Batticaloa Clock Tower

Batticaloa clock tower which marks the center of the city.

Boating in Batticaloa light house

Batticaloa Light house is the place where most people in the town end up to spend their leisure time.Boating and canoeing are famous activities in here.

Batticaloa lighthouse

Batticaloa lighthouse

kalladi Bridge of Batticaloa

kalladi Bridge of Batticaloa

Galle Fort – Heritage Town

First built in 1588  by the Portuguese, Galle fort is an iconic landmark in Galle Town ,Sri Lanka.This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka.There are several churches, mosque, old English, Dutch houses ,tall lighthouse and rest of the other heritage monuments and building make this a famous tourist attraction place in southern part of Sri Lanka.

tourist walking in the streets of galle heritage site - sri lanka

a tourist walking in a street of galle heritage site

A mosque and the lighthouse inside the Galle fort

A mosque and the lighthouse inside the Galle fort

An entrance in the galle fort heritage site

An entrance in the galle fort heritage site – Sri Lanka

man riding a bicycle in galle heritage site

man riding a bicycle in galle heritage site

an old english style house balcony in galle fort - srilanka

an old english style house balcony in galle fort- srilanka

Koneswaram Temple – Trincomalee , Sri Lanka

Koneswaram temple / Thirukonamamalai Konesar Kovil is one of the most famous Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka.Situated in Trincomalee an ancient port city and a famous tourist destination in the country.This centuries old temple was built on Swami Rock – a hill area in the place overlooking beautiful, vast Indian ocean.It is one of the best tourist attraction in Sri Lanka.

Ravana's Cleft in koneswaram temple hill in Trincomalee - tourist attraction in Sri Lanka

Ravana’s Cleft in koneswaram temple hill in Trincomalee – tourist attraction in Sri Lanka

inside view of koneswaram temple with holy sivalinga

inside view of koneswaram temple with holy sivalinga

Sitting lord shiva statue in koneswaram temple

Sitting lord shiva statue in koneswaram temple – Trincomalee, Srilanka

View of sea from trincomalee koneswaram kovil Swami rock

View of sea from trincomalee koneswaram kovil Swami rock

Kallady Bridge

once the longest and now the second longest bridge in Sri lanka – Kalladi Bridge is situated in Batticaloa district of eastern province of the country.It was built in 1924 and also known as ” Lady Manning bridge “.This is a famous landmark in Batticaloa.Usually lifetime of the bridges are around 50 years.But this bridge survives way longer than that and recognized by most people for the engineering invloved in building this up decades back when modern technology was not there.

Now a new Kalladi Bridge is being built up near to this old one and it will be opened to the public during early 2013.

kalladi Bridge of Batticaloa

Kalladi bridge in Batticaloa taken from Batticaloa lagoon during a twilight.

Kalladi Bridge iin Batticaloa

Kalladi Bridge in Batticaloa – Sri Lanka .One of the tourist attractions in Batticaloa

Ambalangoda Mask Making

Ambalangoda is a small town in Southern part of Sri Lanka which is famous for hand made Masks.Mask making is a tradition in Sri Lanka  and the finished masks are used in festivals, to decorate the houses and for dance performances.Ariyapala & Sons is a company which is the main mask makers in the area which runs a large show room,workshop and a mask museum which are favorites to the tourists traveling Sri Lanka.Ambalangoda mask making is one of the tourist attraction in Sri Lanka which you should not miss.

group of finished masks in mask shop in ambalangoda

Masks displayed in Ariyapala & sons Mask museum in Ambalangoda Sri Lanka.The famous shop for mask making in Sri Lanka

mr wimalasiri a mask maker and a craftsman in ambalangoda

Mr.Wimalasiri is an experienced craftsman of Ambalangoda mask making industry.This is the Ariyapala & Sons workshop where they make masks.

a small mask in ambalangoda ariyapala sons mask museum

A mask inside the Ariyapala and Sons mask museum.This is situated in Ambalangoda, a place which is a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka.