A church at the shore

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From 1580, when the first church was built in Jaffna, by the Portuguese-the Christianity started to flourish in the peninsula.Many people were converted into christianity and sooner it became a religion to be followed by most of the people in the land, second to Hinduism.Due to the geography of Jaffna it was easy to access it by ships and boats, and it is obvious that christianity is being followed by most of the fishing communities at the coastal stretch of the region.Beautiful churches can be seen everywhere, at the beautiful locations- spreading religious harmony in the region.


Helping Little Hands

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This child, around 9 years old, could be mostly seen at the highway connecting Batticaloa to Trincomalee near vaakarai.During every evening after school, along with his village friends-both girls and boys around his age, he used to hang around the roadside with few bags in his hands, containing freshly plugged tamarind,mango,and lime.He will almost jump infront of the running vehicles hoping to sell the bags, which will earn him few hundred rupees, that will help his poor parents to run the family.However im confused whether to add this into child labour.. so decided to end the conversation with the child by just saying…go home and study !!..after buying the last bag of tamarind hoping he would go home..and im happy he did , along with his sister..