Polonnaruwa World Heritage Site – Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa is the second most ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka and now a world heritage site.It has numerous ruins of the ancient city still preserved which shows the ability and knowledge of the architects who lived in this lands 1000 years before.Polonnaruwa kingdom had the influence of both Sinhala and Tamil cultures which is proved by the ruins of buildings belong to both cultures.The place is now a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

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Polonnaruwa kiri viharaya

sri lanka,polonnaruwa,gal vihara,seated buddha statue,sitting buddha statue,samadhi buddha statue

Samadhi Buddha / seated buddha statue gal vihara

polonnaruwa vatadage,sri lanka travel,moon stone,moonstone,ancient ruins,ancient architecture of sri lanka

Moonstone carvings in vatadage – polonnaruwa

medical trough,ancient healing,sri lanka ayurveda,ayurveda bath,polonnaruwa heritage site

Medical trough in ancient hospital of polonnaruwa

gal vihara,reclining buddha,ancient ruins of polonnaruwa,sri lanka tour

Gal Vihara reclining buddha statue

guard stone,pabalu vehera,sri lanka heritage,srilanka history,polonnaruwa world heritage site,sri lanka travel photographer

Guard stones infront of pabalu vehera

lankathilaka vihara,sri lanka travel,ancient ruins of polonnaruwa,what to do in polonnaruwa,pictures of sri lanka

Entrance of Lankathilaka vihara


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