Polonnaruwa World Heritage Site – Sri Lanka

Polonnaruwa is the second most ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka and now a world heritage site.It has numerous ruins of the ancient city still preserved which shows the ability and knowledge of the architects who lived in this lands 1000 years before.Polonnaruwa kingdom had the influence of both Sinhala and Tamil cultures which is proved by the ruins of buildings belong to both cultures.The place is now a famous tourist destination in Sri Lanka.

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Polonnaruwa kiri viharaya

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Samadhi Buddha / seated buddha statue gal vihara

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Moonstone carvings in vatadage – polonnaruwa

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Medical trough in ancient hospital of polonnaruwa

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Gal Vihara reclining buddha statue

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Guard stones infront of pabalu vehera

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Entrance of Lankathilaka vihara


Hindu Festivals in Jaffna , Sri Lanka

Jaffna , where the Tamils inhabit the most in Sri Lanka, has many famous Hindu symbols in the forms of historical buildings,temples,Traditional Cultures.With the abundant number of Hindu Temples, one can witness Hindu festivals all around the year mainly the mid part.The style of presentation of this festivals are different region to region and according to the tradition being followed by the respective worshiping places.

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pungudutivu during the Festival season usually has harsh sunlight and temperature.These devotees enduring so much of pain and exhaustion by rolling on the ground behind the temple cart ,with only purpose of pleasing and showing their love on the Goddess Amman in spiritual ways, need to be kept cool by pouring water on them.

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During the Kannakai Amman Temple Cart festival , worshipers pulling the temple cart around the temple.

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A priest sitting inside the moving temple cart.He will receive the offerings made by the people below and worship the goddess using it for the well being of the people offered it.